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Composer Andrew Hewitt's score may be the grand, orchestral version of whatever emanates from the music box trinket on Constance's vanity 

Variety (We Have Always Lived In The Castle)  

Andrew Hewitt provides a beautiful score 

Followingfilms (Crooked Somebody)  

Featuring a pulse-pounding score by Andrew Hewitt 

Marketscreener (Crooked Somebody)


The strongest influence here is the spaghetti western, and that sauce is seasoned with homages to Sergio Leone by composer Andrew Hewitt
Screendaily (Mojave)

Winner: Best Comedy Score of the Year

Reel Music Awards (Bill)

Favourite Darkplace moments - a thrilling chase accompanied by a period-appropriate synth frenzy, courtesy of Bafta Nominated Andrew Hewitt

Den of Geek (Garth Marenghi's Darkplace)

The Sea

Andrew Hewitt's elegant score, graced with a number of arrestingly mournful solos by violin virtuoso Hilary Hahn

Another major player here is Andrew Hewitt's watchful and tentative modern score, promising a chilly revelation

Hollywood Reporter
The film, with a haunting score by Andrew Hewitt, moves gracefully between periods in its protagonist's life and captures his sense of yearning and loss

The Independent


Oliver, unlike Rushmore's ever-perky Max Fischer, carries a droopier, less extroverted screen presence - a sensibility matched by Andrew Hewitt's moody music


Composer Andrew Hewitt contributes a fetchingly dead-on pastiche of Georges Delerue's scores for Godard and Truffaut

The Independent
a beautiful score, from Andrew Hewitt


The Stanford Prison Experiment

The excellent music by Andrew Hewitt (The Double, The Brass Teapot) incorporates a metronomic ticking on occasion, as if God were watching events with one eye on some cosmic stopwatch and making notes for Himself
The Wrap 

Andrew Hewitt's score, churning and ominous, adds a jolt of momentum that keeps proceedings becoming as clinical as the context might demand


Prepare for dread: the mounting tension

is complimented by Andrew Hewitt's pulsing, ominous score
Some of the best features were courtesy of composer Andrew Hewitt, who layered the movie with pulsing and haunting basslines,

mixed with abrupt and deafening silences


Ably assisted by Andrew Hewitt's minimalist score

Radio Times

The Double

The film is a distinct pleasure... the score by Andrew Hewitt is one of the best we've heard in a while. A joy to watch... propelled by a great score


a crack creative team that includes

composer Andrew Hewitt's haunting score

LA Times
operatically amped up by

Andrew Hewitt's thunderous orchestral score



Andrew Hewitt's emotional music score is beautifully understated and atmospheric, a perfect accompaniment to the eeriness of the surroundings and a perfect reflection of Polly's fraught state of mind

Den of Geek
    a top-notch strings-only score (with an emphasis on cello) ticks all the boxes for a great listening experience, this is one of Movie Score Media's brightest hidden stars, and I recommend you take a listen to this inventive score.


Clearly one of the year's most stylistically coherent film scores, building most of its mesmerizing underscoring on the simple two note motif - ingeniously based on the bird's call. An impressive lesson in how to construct a truly effective film score

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